Scent Games

Nose Work


Our Scent Games Classes will teach you and your dog about the exciting new sport K9 Nose Work,  a fun and exciting dog sport inspired by working detection dogs. In these classes your dog will learn to hunt for and find specific odors in four situations: containers, interiors, exteriors, and vehicles.

This easy to learn sport is a great activity for virtually all dogs and people regardless of your dogs age, breed, or size. Plus, Nose Work will help build your dogs focus and confidence while also providing the mental stimulation that your dog needs to be a calm and polite companion!

Upcoming Nosework Classes

Dog Sports Foundations

This class a pre-requisite for any of our sports classes. In this class you’ll learn the basics of agility and nose work as well as all the skills you and your dog need to move seamlessly into any sport. 

Coming in September!
PreRequisite: LifeSkills

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