Private Dog Training Programs

Personalized Support

 Whether you need help with a couple of unwanted behaviors, are struggling with aggression or fear, or you simply want to get the absolute most enjoyment out of owning a dog that listens to you every time, we have a customizable program that will be a perfect fit for you.


The Family Friendly Dog

This program is perfect for the family who has the time to practice with their dog throughout the program and wants to be involved every step of the way.

We’ll focus on house manners and working on some of those common unwanted behaviors you might be struggling with, like jumping on counters, jumping on guests, and begging at the table.

This program includes:

  • 4 Private Lessons at our place
  • 3 months of group obedience classes
  • All recommended training equipment

The Well Mannered Dog

Do you wish your dog just had some better manners around the house? Stopped doing things like jumping on people, and pulling on the leash, chewing or barking too much?

Your dog will learn to be calm and well-behaved inside and outside so you don’t have the frustration and embarrassment of your dog not listening to you.

This program quickly helps you with your dog’s behavior in day to day life at home… walking enjoyably without being dragged down the street, your dog acting calm and happy when you have company over rather than barking or jumping all over them, coming to you when you call them…

Even listening around those regular everyday distractions like other animals and the doorbell.

Program includes:

  • 7 private lessons (four at our place, three at yours)
  • 6 months of group obedience classes to use whenever you’d like to let your dog practice around other dogs!
  • All recommended training equipment

The Dream Dog

Imagine what it would be like to have your dream dog. A dog who never pulls on the leash, jumps on guests, or ignores your commands. A dog that you can take anywhere with you and listens reliably both at home and in the outside world, even off leash and even when there are tons of distractions.

Right now your dog struggles to pay attention to you at all and might only listen selectively! This is the absolute best training experience for you and your dog, the easiest way to reach all your goals for your dog’s behavior.

This program are perfect for families (especially busy ones!) who would love to get the most out of training, reaching your goals the fastest and easiest possible way.

Let us do the hardest part for you! You won’t have to worry about your dog’s new skills slipping along the way because we’ll be working alongside you, helping you and your dog one-on-one.

This program includes lifetime support so you KNOW you will be able to meet every goal you have for your dog, even as new ones come up in the future. We will keep working with you until all your dog’s behavior challenges are solved and all your training goals have been met.

Program includes:

  • 12 Training Days for your dog at our place (a home-like training environment)
  • Lifetime support
  • Three months of private lessons
  • Unlimited group classes for the life of your dog… come enjoy the company of other families we’ve trained and get practice listening around other dogs!
  • All recommended training equipment

What to do now?

To learn more about a private training program, contact us:


This will all us to get to know your dog, really get to the bottom of why they are acting the way they are, and get all the information we need to create a customized training plan for them.

Plus you can get to know us a little, we can go over which training options would work best for you and your dog and maybe even get some training started, too!


We Can Also Help With:

-Aggression towards other dogs
-Aggression between dogs living in the same house
-Guarding things like food, bones, sleeping spots, or people
-Dog child interactions
-And more
We regularly help people whose dogs are displaying more serious behaviors.  Contact us today for more information on these customized programs.

My Dog and Me, LLC provides in-home private dog training, behavior consultations, and group dog training classes in Sparta, Viroqua, Tomah, La Crosse, Onalaska, Holmen and the surrounding areas. We use positive reinforcement training methods, including clicker training and game based training, that are fun and easy to use. Services include obedience training for dogs and puppies of all ages, puppy training classes, agility classes, and solving problems such as pulling on the leash, not coming when called, puppy play biting, chewing and house training, service dog training, aggression, fear, and reactivity.


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